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Bid on World Series


The North American Fastpitch Association (NAFA) hosts the largest annual men's fastpitch tournament in the world each year.

  In past years, the tournament has hosted over 135 teams over 10 days in four divisions from all across North America, including the United States and Canada, and beyond. Previously, teams from Hawaii and Japan have traveled to compete in the NAFA World Series.

  The NAFA World Series also provides millions of dollars of economic impact to the cities that host the tournament.  Click the links at the top of the page marked "Financial Impact" to see the actual figures. 

  The 2009 World Series will be held in Appleton, Wisconsin on August 6-16, 2009.  Please see competition dates for each class on the main web page.

  The North American Fastpitch Association, NAFA, is hereby soliciting bids for the 2010 & 2001 World Series of Mens' Fastpitch softball.

  The following information is provided for cities interested in bidding to host the NAFA World Series.

  We will bring over 112 teams (estimated at 135) to your city in separate classes over separate days over a 10-day period of time with a potential tourist economic impact of $4 million.

  If your city is selected in the top two to three bids you will be required to provide two airline tickets and one motel room for a NAFA official from Portland, Oregon to the bidding city to make an inspection of your facilities.

  The top two to three cities will be asked to make presentations at the 2009 NAFA World Series to the World Series Selection Committee.  A $5,000 deposit is required with the bid form.

  Below are the general guidelines for bidding on the NAFA World Series. If you are interested in receiving the complete World Series Agreement please notify NAFA at:

1.   Write  or email (the document can be emailed to you) to:                                     

      Benjie Hedgecock, Executive Director               

      PO Box 566

      Dayton, Oregon 97114                     

2. Email: Nafafastpitch@aol.com

3. Phone: 503-864-4487 ext 211 or cell 503-559-5398, fax 503-864-3939

4. For additional information:  www.nafafastpitch.com

The North American Fastpitch Association

General Guidelines for Bidding on the NAFA World Series

What NAFA requires, at no cost to NAFA:

1-8 fields minimum if lit (12 total with 4 unlit fields), and 250' fences.  If elevation is over 3000' add 10% to minimum  fence distance. All fields should be within close driving distance and multi-field complexes are desired over stand-alone fields.

2-A minimum one four-field complex is required.

3-34 motel rooms and 2 suites for NAFA staff and umpires.

4-8 rental cars and 2 full-size vans for NAFA staff and umpires.

5-Meeting room for all meetings.

6-Scoreboards, score keepers and announcer on all fields.

7-Host to furnish all team and individual awards.

8-Computers and staff to run tournament statistics.

9-Local newspaper, television and radio support.

10-Convention and Visitors Bureau support.

11-Other items per sample contract provided.


What host receives!

1-The largest Men's fastpitch tournament in the World.

    "A" Division estimated at 64 teams

    "A-Major" Division estimated at 40 teams

    "AA" Division estimated at 24 teams

    23-and-Under Division estimated at 12 teams 

2-Host gets to keep all:

    A-Spectator gate receipts.

    B-Beer garden sales.

    C-World Series souvenir sales.

    D-Concession sales.

    E-Motel rebates.

    F-Advertising sales.

    G-Photography rebates.

3-What does NAFA supply

   A-All softballs for tournament.

   B-Pays all umpire game fees.

   C-112+ teams to your city over a 10-day period. Teams from United States, Canada, Mexico, and the

        world. Players come from US, Canada, New Zealand, Argentina, Australia, Japan, Mexico, and Europe.

   D-History of NAFA from a tourist economic impact. Reports are available by clicking below

       2005 World Series economic impact on North Mankato and Mankato, Minnesota, $1.4 million.

       2003 World Series economic impact on Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, $1.1 million

       2002 World Series economic impact on Salem, Oregon, $1.6 million

       2001 World Series economic impact on Hutchinson, Kansas, $4.4 million

       2000 World Series economic impact on Fargo, North Dakota, $5.0 million

       1999 World Series economic impact on Albuquerque, New Mexico, $5.7 million

       1998 World Series economic impact on Hutchinson, Kansas, $4.7 million

       1997 World Series economic impact on Fargo, North Dakota, $3.2 million

4-Minimum bid for each event is listed below

    Complete tournament agreement available upon request

5-Available Tournament dates to bid on:

   1-August 2010, 2011, second weekend to the third weekend ($29,000 bid fee)

   2-East Masters World Series, 2nd weekend in September ($7,500 bid fee)

   3-West Masters World Series, 3rd weekend in September ($5,000 bid fee)
   4-Open World Series, Last weekend of July ($5,000)
   5-AA-Major World Series, 2nd weekend in August ($7,500)