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                  The name of the organization shall be known as the ďNorth American Fastpitch AssociationĒ commonly referred to as NAFA.



The purpose of the North American Fastpitch Association shall be to promote and foster  Fastpitch softball by providing a safe and fun environment for all participants and to be a communications link in the Fastpitch community.



                  The fiscal year shall commence on January 1st and end December 31st, as well as all of the age criteria for all age driven divisions. The playing season for practical purposes shall be from September 1st to October 31st, as well as all Annual Director terms of appointment. Playing rules changes may take place at the National Meeting at the World Series or may take play after September 1st by email and playing rule changes may be experimented with at the Masterís World Series with a 60% majority vote of the Executive Committee. Rule changes for the upcoming season must be completed and posted publicly by April 1st unless the Executive Committee initiates an emergency rule change by 60% majority vote. All other changes can be made at any time using the appropriate methods below.



                  The Executive Committee shall be a maximum of 17 people and a minimum of 5 people. The Executive Director shall appoint each member of the Executive Committee based on the annual needs of the organization except the President who shall be voted on by the Executive Committee and must be a State Director. The Executive Committee term of office is one year starting September 1st and ending August 31st each year except for the President who has a two year term. No members of the Executive Committee may hold a State Director Title except the President who must be a State Director. The International Umpire Committee shall have at least one representative appointed by the Executive Director on the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee led by the President shall have jurisdiction over issues that may arise during the World Series and National Meeting which are not specifically covered by the bylaws or organizational policies of NAFA.


Article 5.   PRESIDENT

                  The President of NAFA must be a State Director. The President of NAFA shall be elected by the Executive Committee at the Annual Meeting held at the World Series in the year in which the current Presidentís term expires. There is no term limit for the President. The President shall preside over all Meetings of the Association and represent the Association when the Executive Director is unable to. The President has a vote on all issues. The President serves as the Executive Committee Chairman and has jurisdiction in all matters beginning with the first pitch of the World Series and concluding with the final out of the World Series. The President assists the Executive Director when requested with appointments and decisions between each World Series. The President has authority to waive the requirement of a team to participate in one NAFA event prior to the World Series. If the President is unable to function the Executive Director may appoint a President Proxy to preside when called on.



                  The Association shall hold its annual meeting during the World Series at a time when the majority of Executive Committee members, State Director and Classification Committee members can be present. The bid presentations when needed for future World Series events or Masters World Series events shall be held at the World Series at a time when the most World Series Selection Committee members can be present. The President shall preside over all meetings of the Association when present. If not present the Executive Director shall appoint a President-Proxy to preside. When necessary, meetings shall be conducted under Robertís Rules of Order. When necessary an email, or phone vote may be taken on any issue as determined by the Executive Director or President. A committee member may submit a vote by proxy if not present if his lack of attendance is excused by the Executive Director or President and the Executive Director or President may appoint a proxy if the lack of attendance is not excused. A quorum shall consist of a majority of the eligible voters or their proxy. Any action including bylaw changes shall require a majority vote except playing rule changes which shall require a 60% vote. Special Meetings may be called by the Executive Director or on behalf of the President by the Executive Director but each Executive Committee member must be notified of the meeting in advance. All Meetings of the Association are open to the public accept when the President or Executive Director request that the meeting be closed (by a majority vote) for any operating committee meeting for the good of the organization or the individual being discussed.



                  The officers and Board of Directors of the corporation are the Executive Director, and the Treasurer/Business Manager who is appointed by the Executive Director and the President who is elected by the Executive Committee. Legal Liability shall be limited to the Executive Director and the Treasurer regarding official actions of the organization so that the President is protected.



                  The Executive Director in his sole discretion determines Director Emeritus status for individuals who have served NAFA well but seek retirement. The Executive Director shall determine each year if a person holding a title of Director Emeritus will have the rights of a State Director or if they shall be appointed to the Executive Committee, Umpire Committee, Classification Committee or other Committees solely on the basis of their potential contribution for the upcoming season taking into account what the person has done over time for the organization. NAFA strives to reward service while not placing a burden on the organization when an individualís ability or willingness to perform is in question.



                  Each Vice President shall be appointed by the Executive Director for a term of one year beginning September 1st and ending August 31st, each year. Each Vice President shall have jurisdiction over the geographic operations of his assigned territory, directors and programs including State Director appointments, tournaments and leagues. The Vice President and Executive Director has the right to appoint and remove State Directors at any time for any reason. The Vice Presidents shall receive reimbursement and compensation determined annually at the Annual Meeting at amounts derived by the Executive Director.



                  The Treasurer/Business Manager shall appoint a person to take Meeting minutes and distribute them to all committee members and shall receive all monies, issue checks, and prepare corporate filings.



                  The Executive Director shall have jurisdiction over issues that arise that are not covered by the Bylaws or Organizational Policy during the time between the last out being made at the last World Series and the time of the first pitch being thrown of the next World Series. The Executive Director shall make each appointment to the Executive Committee. The Executive Director makes appointments to the Classification Committee with the assistance of the President and Vice Presidents who may select one person annually to join the Classification Committee. The Executive Director with assistance of the Vice Presidents makes State Director appointments and removals. The Executive Director makes appointments to the NAFA International Umpire Committee including determining the Chair of the Umpire Committee. The Executive Director oversees all preparation of the World Series. The Executive Director has a vote on each committee that he participates on. The Executive Director shall conduct all official business of the organization with the assistance of the President, Vice Presidents, Executive Committee and State Directors as needed. The Executive Director serves as the General Manager of all NAFA operations including oversight of committees, coordination of NAFA events, defining operating guidelines each year not covered by the bylaws, sending bulletins to the membership and committees, maintaining the corporate and business office of NAFA, promoting NAFA annually, updating the Website and overseeing its content and website administration, preparing the World Series and Masters brochures, making special appointments, and making decisions regarding staffing and all other decisions relating to the business operation and corporate actions of NAFA whenever possible with the assistance of the appropriate persons or committees. The Executive Director has the right to overrule a committee or Director when he sees it in the best interest of the organization to do so. The Executive Director has the authority to remove any person from any committee at his sole discretion if it is in the best interest of the organization.



                  The International Umpire Committee members are appointed by the Executive Director including the Chairperson. The Chairperson is in charge of the Umpire Committee including delegating assignments to each member. The Chair is responsible to assist State Directors in appointing State or Regional UICís as needed. The Chair will oversee World Series Umpire selections with assistance of the Committee and will develop or delegate the development of forms and policies of NAFA Umpires including uniforms and the distribution of the travel pay allotted by the Executive Director for World Series Umpire Travel. The Chair will delegate duties to the Umpire Committee including but not limited to: Official Rules Interpreter, Training and Development, Evaluation Process, Coordination of all details at the World Series including housing and transportation of officials, Oversight of the Umpire page on the website and its content. Making sure that the quality of officials at the World Series improves each year and that a World Series UIC is available at all times to handle protests and umpire issues and coach communications when needed and especially at satellite facilities. The Umpire Committee shall have a minimum of 3 people and a maximum of 7 people at any one time with specific areas delegated to each member. They shall receive reimbursement for their World Series work as determined by the Executive Director.



                  The Executive Director and Vice Presidents shall appoint as needed a State Director for each state or group of states. The term of office is one year from September 1st to August 31st each year. The Executive Director and Vice Presidents may remove a State Director for any reason. The State Director will report jointly to the Executive Director and their assigned Vice President. The State Director shall be active in the sport. The State Director shall promote NAFA and the NAFA World Series and Masters World Series annually. The State Director shall hold or delegate someone to hold at his discretion State Tournaments, World Series Qualifier Tournaments and NAFA Sanctioned Leagues. The appropriate fees shall be charged for each type of event and those amounts are set each year at the National Meeting by the Executive Director. The State Director in assistance with his Vice President, the International Classification Committee and the touching State Directors shall classify teams and pitchers annually. The State Director shall forward the email address, team name, mailing address and class of each menís Fastpitch team(not only NAFA teams) in the state or states that he oversees to the Executive Director each year so that our Database remains fresh and accurate from year to year. Each State Director shall have the authority to carry out the NAFA National rules and his state rules within his own state with assistance of touching states Directorís input on policies that may negatively affect each other. Each State Director may designate Assistant State Directors to assist with leagues and tournaments. Each State Director shall initiate contact with the Executive Director and Vice President at least twice annually. Each State Director shall assist in promoting the World Series by handing out the World Series Brochure to players on teams at events he attends and by emailing the brochure to his email contacts. The NAFA Website will list all NAFA tournaments and leagues and it is the responsibility of the State Director to forward the tournament and league info to the Executive Director to put on the website by March 1st of each year or if an event is scheduled after that no later than 5 days after it is scheduled so that we can promote your local events. State Directors shall make every effort to support NAFA by bringing their own team when associated with a team to the NAFA World Series and will have the goal of bringing one team in each class to the World Series each year from their state.



                  For items not covered in the bylaws the Executive Director shall resolve issues whenever possible with the assistance of the President, Vice Presidents, Executive Committee, Umpire Committee, and Classification Committee at the Executive Directorís sole discretion.

NAFA Operating Policies