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International Umpire Committee



The NAFA International Umpire Committee met for the first time in Hutchinson, Kansas,   in August of 2004.  They have been corresponding by e-mail weekly, developing programs, and policies for 2009 and beyond.  The 2008 season was a huge success and laid the groundwork for us to be one of the most respected umpire groups in the world. The International Umpire Committee works hard to cover two nations and to keep NAFA at the forefront of officiating. For 2008 we appointed Regional Umpire-In-Chiefs across the United States and Canada to better serve our officials. We enter 2009 as one of the strongest umpiring groups in North America and have added Crew Chiefs at our World Series. In 2007, Henry St. Clair was inducted into the Hall of Fame as and umpire and in 2008 Willard Schumack was inducted.  Congratulations to both of them.

   For information regarding the NAFA Umpire Program, contact NAFA National Director of Umpires Carley Parish, carley@lutz.nb.ca   506-832-1490 or contact your Regional Umpire-In-Chief listed below by email.

   Umpires who would like to be part of our NAFA Umpire Pool for World Series and Invitational play should fill out the "Umpire Questionnaire" below and email it to Carley at carley@lutz.nb.ca All applications for the NAFA World Series events for 2009 must be submitted (by e-mail or facsimile) to NAFA Director of Umpires Carley Parish no later than May 31st, 2009.  All applications must include three references with proper contact information.  All participants selected for the World Series must order the proper shirts and hats prior to the tournament.

 NAFA National Director of Umpires

Carley Parish  carley@lutz.nb.ca, phone 506-832-1490, fax 506-832-1470



NAFA Regional Umpire-In-Chief Staff lead by National Director of Umpires, Carley Parish

USA Northwest Region, Don Postle, don@thepostles.com

USA Southwest Region, Pete Davis, davisgolf@yahoo.com

USA Great Lakes Region, Henry St. Clair, hstclair@ameritech.net

USA Southern Region, Henry St. Clair hstclair@ameritech.net

USA Upper Midwest Region, Steve Vail, umpiresteve@yahoo.com


Canada Ontario, Shawn Henderson, hlywud@sympatico.ca

Canada Pacific and Atlantic, Carley Parish, Carley@lutz.nb.ca

NAFA Umpire-In-Chief Emeritus

Dewey Yoke, djyoke@q.com


The Umpire Registration fee is $35.  It is essential and covers the umpire's insurance for NAFA events and goes to our umpire program.

All umpire questionnaires need to be received by the Director of Umpires no later than May 31st, 2009 with references.  

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