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Why is NAFA the most successful organization?

  The success of NAFA is due to its ability to maintain true men's Fastpitch traditions while having the flexibility to cope with the changing face of our sport by maintaining "in the know" active Fastpitch Directors at every level.

  We maintain the following tenants: No time limits and NO tiebreakers at the World Series although it is optional at any level prior to the World Series as time constraints force the issue and the Masters program requests them.

  We use a white cover ball and a ball that is a Fastpitch hardness .47/375. We play on fields that are properly fenced. We prefer a single base at 1st base.

  We have the best pitching rule with realistic penalties and umpire enforcement. We have the best Designated Batter/Defensive Specialist Rule. We don't allow bad behavior and harshly penalize if it is at the end of a game.

  We don't penalize a team for the coach forgetting to report a legal substitute.

  Our World Series format makes all games count and ends in a double elimination format with an "If Game" for all but two divisions.

  We allow teams to qualify early so they can plan and don't create unnecessary hoops for teams to jump through which deters teams from making the effort.


No time limits or tiebreakers     

  NO time limits and NO tiebreakers at the World Series although it is optional at any level prior to the World Series as time constraints force the issue in addition the Masters program requests it.


Official Ball

  The official ball of NAFA is our own manufactured ball with a cork center white cover NAFA 120 stitch 375 pound-.47 core ball.  Also the white DeBeer XL290 Red Stitch .44/400 tacky grip medium stitch ball is approved for all but the World Series. Both balls will also be approved for the season but only the NAFA Logo'd Ball will be used at the NAFA World Series. In rare cases we will use a yellow ball but our players prefer white whenever possible although the trend is moving towards a yellow ball with the players as more and more get exposed to it.


Tournament Format

  Each event format is the decision of the tournament director and state director. We recommend the NAFA 3GG Format and provide brackets for most numbers of teams by email from the National Office. We know that this is not always possible and leave the decision of the format to the State Director or Tournament Director. An event that brings all teams back both days is a 4GG with 3 round robin seeding games on Saturday that send all teams to a single elimination bracket on Sunday.


Fence Distances  

  Fence distances of 250 minimum are required for all NAFA Championship play. Only the State Director may allow fences shorter or longer for qualifying play. It is recommended that fences not be shorter than 225 and not farther than 275 for any level of play of Mens' Fastpitch. When the air is light due to elevation the fences should be longer by 10%.


Single First Base

  We do NOT recommend a double First base for men's Fastpitch but it is optional in NAFA. If one is used both portions of the bag will be treated as one.


Team Classification

  Teams and pitchers are classified by their State Director. Team are reclassified based on their World Series performance, and their performance in other affiliation state, regional and national play.

  NAFA maintains a Pitcher and Team Classification List as well as a Master Pitchers List with over 1,000 pitchers listed on our website. Team & Pitcher Classification Appeals are heard by our International Classification Committee.


NAFA Classifications:

"Open"-ISC top 4 teams and any team with a pitcher classified OPEN or any ASA Major or Canada Top Senior Open Team that use Open Pitchers.
"AAA"- ISC 5th-18th ranked teams with no open pitchers using only pitchers from the AAA and lower NAFA Pitchers List.


"AA-Major"-Teams that have competed at the top of NAFA "AA" and been reclassified to AA-Major, teams that play AA-Major now and the top level of ISC II, ASA "A" and ASA "B".


"AA"-ASA Middle "B", ISC II bottom 20 teams with a pitcher with a "AA" rating or lower. Normally only pitchers and the top 1 to 3 teams are bumped to "AA-Major" for the following year unless a team or teams dominate at the "AA" level. 1-12 teams may be bumped to "AA-Major".


"A-Major"-Upper ASA "C", teams that did well in the previous years NAFA "A" and ASA "C." The top 3 to 12 teams from the "A-Major" event are bumped to "AA" each year.


"A"-Middle to lower ASA "C" teams with no pitcher that has been rated above "A" for the current year although borderline pitchers between "A" and "A-Major" must be pre-approved for "A" prior to the World Series. The top 8-16 teams from the "A" event are normally bumped up to "A-Major" for the following year.


World Series Qualifying

  To increase participation, NAFA lowers the hoops teams have to jump through to attend our World Series.

  We have a one event (see below) requirement except in States with grass roots programs like Wisconsin, California, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Indiana, etc… which have been given the authority to establish their own qualifying methods for the World Series which usually includes playing in the NAFA State Tournament or the NAFA World Series Qualifier.

  To enter the World Series through States with grass roots programs you must enter through your NAFA State Director.

  For states without grass roots programs, every team that played in the previous year's World Series has an automatic berth to the following year's World Series in the appropriate class.

  Every team that plays in a NAFA Travel League or Qualifying Tournament may enter the World Series in the appropriate class unless that class is full. If no qualifying event is in the area, the Executive Director and President have the authority to award a direct World Series berth without a team meeting the ONE EVENT (League or Tournament) Requirement.


Pick-Up Players

Three (3) pick-up players are allowed for the World Series.

A)     They must be pre-approved prior to you asking them to play and prior to them being added to your roster or attending the World Series.

B)      They may be from a team that is your class of NAFA or LOWER unless approved prior by the Executive Director prior to the World Series.

C)      They must be approved prior to buying a plane ticket for the player. 



A)     All players MUST sign the Waiver of Liability (Roster) prior to playing in a NAFA event .

B)      The Roster form is available on the NAFA Web Site. It can be downloaded to Microsoft Word for printing a hard copy. Or it can be downloaded as a Microsoft Word document so that all entries can be completed electronically except for signatures. A preliminary electronic roster should be sent to the NAFA National Office by July 1st. This electronic roster should be sent as a Microsoft Word attachment to an Email message.  Adobe format is not acceptable.     

C)      The $35 national registration fee must be attached to all rosters.

D)      Official roster signing date for the World Series shall be July 24th, with no more than 18 players.

E)       The NAFA Director from your state or province MUST sign the official roster.

F)       The Final roster must be in the NAFA National Office 10 days prior to start of World Series play.


Travel Money

  Travel Money may be awarded in tournament or league play. It is recommended that it be issued to the team and not an individual and that it be used to advance to the next level of play whenever possible.

  When offering money it is important to specify what level of pitchers are allowed in the event. NAFA maintains a current pitchers list with nearly every pitcher above NAFA Class "A" listed..


Team Medical Insurance

Team and umpire medical, liability, and tournament insurance shall be responsibility of each individual team, field owner or tournament director.

  NAFA does not require teams or players to be insured. Each player, team, spectator participates at their own risk. See our team insurance at www.chappellinsurance.com