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NAFA Playing Rules

                2009 NAFA World Series Tournament Rules


Tournament Rules and Protest Committee:

Benjie Hedgecock, NAFA Executive Director, Loren Lathrop, NAFA Vice President, Jon Kegel, NAFA Vice President, Carley Parish, NAFA Umpire-In-Chief, Robert Hernandez, Tournament Director, Mike Watson, Tournament Director, Mike Clark, Tournament Director.


NAFA Golden Rule:

Games are won and lost between the white lines. Great Fastpitch teams donít rely on technical rule interpretations and rule or procedure manipulations to win. Great teams win with great athletes exhibiting fine sportsmanship. Always treat your opponents and the officials with the same mutual respect that we all desire. Play by the NAFA Golden Rule, and we will have a great organization and World Series.


1-Tournament Rules Order:

These tournament rules are the first priority in regards to a precedence. The second priority is any decision made by the Tournament Committee in relation to an item not addressed in these exceptions. The Third priority is the NAFA Official Rules of Softball for any item not specifically covered in these rule exceptions and not ruled on by the Tournament Committee.


2-No courtesy runners.  New shorthanded rule.

You may finish with less than you started with by taking an out in the lineup for the person that is dropped due to injury. You may NOT drop a person due to an ejection. You must have 8 players to continue a game.


3-Uniforms and Equipment:

The Official bat list is included and is listed on the website.  All players must be in like uniforms with a number on the jersey.  Each player must wear a hat. The catcher must wear a protective mask and throat protector.  Batters and base runners must wear a helmet (preferable NOCSAE approved) with double ear-flaps(Canadians Single Ear Flaps).  


4-A team consists of (8), 9 players or (10 with the DB/DS Rule).

You must have 8 players to start and finish a game or it is a forfeit. If you start with 8 you must take an out in the 9th spot in the batting order.


5-Run Rule: 

The 7 run rule shall apply to all games in the 5th inning and 12 run rule in the third inning.  All games will be played until there is a winner.  NAFA has no time limit and no tiebreaker for the Regular World Series although the Masters World Series may have a time limit. 


6-Leading Off (Clarification):

The base runner may not leave the base until the ball leaves the pitchers hand.  Penalty: Dead Ball, No Pitch, Base-runner is out.


7-On Deck Circle:

The on deck batter may use either on deck circle as long as he is behind the batter when using the opposite circle.



Only the starting players including the DB and DS (providing you stay at 10 players), may leave the game and re-enter one time. The Starting players must occupy the same batting position in the lineup. NOTE: Substitutes may not re-enter.


9-NAFA DB (Designated Batter) & DS (Defensive Specialist) Rule:

DB:  A player may be listed as a Designated Batter.  The DB may bat in any one of the nine spots in the lineup, but must be selected prior to the game and must be included in the lineup card presented to the umpire.  If the DB or his substitute(s) enter the game on defense, the DB and DS positions are terminated for the remainder of the game.

DS:  When a DB is used, a non-batting player (DS) must be listed in the 10th spot in the line up for defensive purposes only.  The DS may enter the game on offense for any one of the nine players listed on the line-up card, but that will terminate the DS for the remainder of the game.  The DS will then be locked into that spot in the batting lineup for the remainder of the game. The DB may play defense for any player except the DS, but the DS must stay on the field or they are considered to have left the game.


Re-entry Clarification

The DB and DS as starting players, have a reentry while in the ten-player lineup.  If the DB enters the game on defense it is not considered a substitution by the DB, however, if the DS enters the game on offense, the DS shall be considered a substitute and forfeit his ability to re-enter.  Explanation:  The DB is in one of the original nine batting positions, but the DS is not.  If the DS is substituted for while in the DS spot, the DS may reenter into the DS spot or reenter into any spot in the batting order.  If the DS reenters into the DS spot they lose the option of substituting later into the batting order as they have already used their reentry substitution.  Once a team has gone from the ten-player lineup to nine, they may never go back to ten.



The pitcher must start with one foot on the pitching plate. The pitcher may lift his foot above the pitching plate as long as he sets it back down on the plate prior to leaping. Leaping is legal as long as the pitcher does not replant and push off again from the back foot. A Crow hop is a step in front of the plate and is illegal whether the pitching has a traditional style or leaping style. PENALTY: Delayed dead ball, ball on the batter, There is no advancement of runners penalty unless forced by a walk on the batter.  The offense gets the choice of the result of the play or the illegal pitch penalty.

Pitching Warm-ups.  Five (5) pitches to start the game and Three (3) between innings.  Five (5) for any new pitchers. 


11-Ejections and Behavior:

Profanity of any kind will not be tolerated. The umpire has the choice to warn, or eject a player or team for profanity. If you are ejected for unsportsmanlike behavior prior to the 6th inning you are only ejected for the remainder of that game. If you are ejected in the 6th inning or later, you are ejected for the next game as well as the remainder of that game you got ejected in.


12-Unannounced/Unreported Substitute: 

If a substitute fails to report, the substitute is legally in the game when: he enters the batterís box and a pitch is thrown or declared (illegal), he replaces a player on base or he takes a defensive position.  There is no penalty.


Other Pertinent Information: Lineup cards are in the Coaches Packets. Balls, additional lineup cards and the double coin toss for home and visitor will be controlled by the NAFA Rep at the Bracket Board, 30 minutes prior to the start of each round of games at the Bracket Board. The team at the top of the bracket will take the 3rd base dugout unless a team is staying for back-to-back games.


The tournament committee reserves the right to change any aspect of this event that they see fit including field assignments especially to protect teams playing in multiple classes and for sun fields, game times, playing rules, behavioral exceptions, limiting players to non-pitching roles and disqualifying players from pitching or playing if in their sole judgment it is determined to be beneficial to the event.  Team medical and liability insurance is the responsibility of each individual team and player and spectator in the event. Each player and coach waives their right to sue any NAFA official and agrees to hold harmless both NAFA and all host cities. Each player by taking the field, and each spectator by entering the park, or anyone parking their car near a park understands and agrees that the game of Fastpitch softball is a dangerous athletic activity and that it can cause serious injury and even death in rare occasions to participants and spectators and to their cars or property.